Treatment Style

I believe that a positive & supportive counseling relationship & individualized treatment are the most important aspects of therapeutic effectiveness. In this overextended & complicated world, I help clients deal with low self-esteem, guilt, shame, body image distortions, components of the addictive spectrum, and disordered eating patterns (from restriction to use of food to manage mood, and everything in between), and the bullying in our culture that shows up in so many ways. Regardless of age or family situation, I see individuals with a broad range of physiological, psychological & socio-cultural concerns that separate them from a healthy, integrated relationship (involving mind, body, soul, food & movement) with themselves & with others. In the end, my goal for clients is allowing themselves to become more consistently aware & accepting of who they are in the moment & from that position, decide on ways to change (or stay the same).

In working with clients, I use an Eclectic Approach in Therapy – including Person-Centered, Mindfulness, Expressive (art, music, movement and writing), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), CBT, DBT, Existential, Narrative, EMDR, Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems & a Non-Diet (Psychotherapy-based) Approach if possible, as Nutrition Component to Eating Disorder Treatment & Wellness, when possible & meal planning when that is needed. With my Eclectic Approach, I may include a variety of psychological theories & techniques, social, spiritual & environmental circumstances that affect the mind/body/spirit connection – across a broad range of client needs. I provide Spiritual Grounding, with Christian Counseling integrated when requested.

I see children, adolescents and adults – providing individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy & group therapy. I also provide the following Additional Services…

  • Providing Professional, Family &/Or Client Workshops
  • Program Development – For Individuals, Groups, Families, Teachers, Colleagues
  • Providing Professional, High School, College, Graduate School & Church/Community-based Lectures/Trainings re: Disordered Eating, Mood, Trauma, the Addictive Spectrum, Bullying, Body Image & Self-Injury Issues